How To Know Your Logo Design Is Unique And Unused?

“Is Your Logo Unique?”

This is a question that can really bother startup entrepreneurs, and logo designers. It can be very frustrating to realize that logo you designed is being confused with some other brand’s logo.

However, finding a familiar looking logo doesn’t mean that it’s an issue. There are few factors that you need to take into account before you go the extra mile.

  • Did you design the logo first or it was the other companythat launched first?
  • Are the similarities between logos is just a coincidence or do they slightly resemble to each other?
  • Will your target audience tend to confuse your brand’s logo with another company?

This way, you can know your logo’s uniqueness level. Also, there are some tools and techniques that help you find out the odds if your logo is unusual!

Google Reverse Image Research

This tool helps in searching visually similar images by using Google’s image recognition algorithms. May be the font and mark of logo are declared special, but icons still feels kind of copy-catted. In this case, you can isolate the icon and search again for better results.

Search for Industry-Specific Logos

Logo is an integral part of branding. How can you create a unique brand if your logo is not? Specifically, it has to be special in the context of niche or field your business operates in. Are you executing a business that focuses on producing mobile phones? Then try to find lists of businesses as of the same industry as you can. Keep a closer eye on your competitor and their logos. Search for industries of your choice on Crunchbase and AngelList. These platforms are quick to use and feature many businesses and companies worldwide. Moreover, you can use Google advanced search to avoid searching for individual companies. Yellowpages could also be a good option to take a start to find international and local businesses.

Search for Design Platforms

Compared to above mentioned methods, this tool is more efficient in terms of giving positive results. By logo searching on few design platforms, you can find newly formed logos (which is not easy to find anywhere else) that haven’t established a web presence yet.

Few names of design platforms are:

  • Dribble
  • Logopond
  • Behance
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


Whether you opt forfree logo maker software or hire a professional designer, only a unique logo can make your brand’s image.

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