Logo Designing Myths Debunked

When you are starting a business, you must come up with a logo. While you might think you can do without a logo, the truth is you can’t. This is because a logo is an important part of branding. And branding is essential to success.

How so?

Well, in a sea of competition, branding ensures that your customers are able to recognize your products. Therefore, investing your time and energy into creating a logo is a wise move.

When you decide to design a logo, there are various misconceptions that will plague your mind. Here are some myths about logo designing that might cloud your judgment.

Logos are expensive to create

For small businesses, limited resources is almost always a problem. Hence, whenever someone suggests that he or she should think about developing a logo, small business owners are likely to be reluctant.

However, the truth is you don’t necessarily need to make a huge investment or even hire a designer. Instead, you can make use of a logo maker generator. Also, you can also make a logo from a free logo maker software. A free online logo maker and download might not produce the best possible logo. But, it does do a satisfactory job. Free logo design templates and free logo download debunks the myth that logos are expensive to create.

The logo must tell what the company does

Just because your business revolves around delivering financial services doesn’t mean that your logo needs to reflect this. The logo of the business doesn’t have to tell the story about the products and services. Think of the logo of McDonalds or Coca-Cola. Can you tell from the symbol what the product of these companies is? No. Don’t try to overdo it. Remember, a logo is something that differentiates your business and allows your customers to recognize your product. Don’t attach any more meaning and function to it.

Your logo must be timeless

No one can contest that a timeless logo does have an impact on customers. It is something that all generations can relate to and hence allows the company to showcase its legacy. However, there is no rule that a logo has to be timeless at all cost. Instead, a lot of big companies have changed their logo subtly over the year to remain relevant. Xerox, Nike, and Pepsi are among them. You don’t need to create a logo that will stick for the next century.


Don’t believe in these myths. To let them stop you from developing a quality logo.